Winners 2019

The winners of accordi @ DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival – XVI Edition

IN HER SHOES by director Maria Iovine won the first prize in the National section of the 16th Edition of accordi@DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival.

“For the kindness and at the same time pungent irony with which she manages to tell the dynamics of the roles, reversing the historical point of view, skill-fully and ironically manipulating images of repertoire. The jury awarded the experiment, in its opinion, perfectly successful”.

In the film is expertly told a world in reverse where women have power and men look after the family. Domenico, the protagonist, tells his story to his daughter starting from a tender memory. Through a letter, he relives the joys of his birth, his childhood, the dream of a happy family, but also the painful sacrifices of father and husband, sacrifices that have stifled his true ambitions and desires.

The event, directed by Pietro Pizzimento and Fabio Gargano, and held in Naples at the PAN – Palazzo delle Arti Napoli ended with remarkable public success. In jury as president the director Guido Lombardi, awarded at the Venice Film Festival 2011 with the Leone del Futuro, accompanied by jurors Nero Nelson, twice David di Donatello, and the director Marcello Sannino.

To win the first prize in the international section was the short film, Oscar Award, “Skin” by Guy Nattiv.

“In a scenario dominated by the fear that leads man to divide into herds, we read in motivation, and in a world where the color of the skin still becomes the flag: hatred governs the actions of men. The final theatrical coup is a narrative masterpiece and shows in all its smallness the banality of evil”.

The first prize of the Campania section of this edition went to the short film “Veronica can not smoke” by the director Chiara Marotta, already winner of the International Critics’ Week at the Venice Film Festival 2019:

“For the purity of the gaze in telling the need to grow and find a place in the world by counting with the weight of the conditioning. The jury intended to reward the sincerity of intent of the author and his creative intent”

For the Documentary section to win the first prize was the animated short film “Butterflies in Berlin” by the director Monica Manganelli:

“For the grace and vivacity with which, through a classic and refined animation, tells the drama and courage of those who first affirmed his sexuality in the worst historical period of the last century”.

Grand Jury Prize for the best short film on ecological and environmental issues of the section “Planet Earth” went to “Black sky” by the Russian director Denis Voronin who also won the award of one thousand Euros made available by the Film Commission Regione Campania.

The other awards went for the best direction to Alessandro di Gregorio for the short film “Frontier”, already winner of David di Donatello 2019, best actor to Alessio Conte for the short film “Sufficient” by Maddalena Stornaiuolo and Antonio Ruocco, short film that also won the special prize of the jury for the best screenplay in Rosario Esposito La Rossa.

The best actress of the 16th Edition of accordi @ DISACCORDI –  for the jury was Isa Danieli for the masterful interpretation in “Ciruzziello” by Ciro D’Aniello. Special mentions to the actor Piero Pepe for the interpretation of “In zona Cesarini” by Simona Cocozza, a short film that also won the Audience Award, to the actor Gianluca Morini for “Vale la pena” by Lorenzo Marinelli, to the actress Maria Aliev for “Aleksia” by Loris Di Pasquale; finally special mention also to the documentary “Le vite di Ousmane” by Andrea Piretti.

The 16th edition of accordi@DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival was organized by Ass. Cult. Movies Event, in collaboration with the City of Naples – Department of Culture and Tourism, with the Film Commission Campania Region, with the Experimental Center of Cinematography, with the National Center of Short Film, with the SMMAVE – Center for Contemporary Art; and with the support of the Campania Region.