Presentation 2023

accordi @ DISACCORDI
International Short Film Festival – 20th Edition

It’ starting accordi @ DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival – 20th edition in Naples.

Starting from 12 to 19 November 2023 will be held in Naples the twentieth edition of accordi @ DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival, directed by Pietro Pizzimento and Fabio Gargano; Festival organized by the association Movies Event with the contribution of the Campania Region through the regional fund for cinema and audiovisual. One hundred and nineteen short films, documentaries, animated and experimental films, representing twenty-one nations, with many works in absolute European and Italian premiere of the four thousand thirty eight works received from one hundred and twenty Countries which will be joined by meetings with the authors and actors of the works presented, are the robust program of this edition. The sections of six usual competitions (international, national, Campania Region, documentaries, animated short films and environmental films) is joined this year, in addition to the sections of the “Cortissimi”, and out of competition of experimental films from the United States, from Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and many nations of the five continents, a focus section on Italian Canadian cinema curated by the international partner Italian Contemporary Film Festival. A selection of Italian short films presented during the twentieth edition of the accordi @ DISACCORDI will be scheduled in December in Canada during an event curated by the Italian Contemporary Film Festival.

This 20th edition, with free admission, will take place at the Court of Art of FOQUS – Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli, in via Portacarrese in Montecalvario , 69 in Naples, location that will also host the closing evening of the event on November 19 with the award ceremony and the viewing of short films winners of all categories of the festival competition.

Confirmed the juries of the Festival, in addition to that of the audience that will award its prize and the artistic one composed this year by the president, the director Carlo Luglio and the jurors Alessandra Farro, Dalal Suleiman,  also the juries of the national associations partnerships of the event AMC – Associazione Montatori Cinematografici e Televisivi e AIC – Associazione Italiana degli Autori della Fotografia Cinematografica that will award a prize to the best film editing and photography in competition in the national sections and that of the Campania region. The two national professional associations have designated as jurors the editors: Sarah McTeigue, Miriam Palmarella, Gabriele Passaretti and the authors of cinematographic photography: Daniele Nannuzzi, Simone Marra and Luca Cestari. The jury of honor composed by Guido Lombardi, Nero Nelson and Marcello Sannino will support the artistic in the award decisions. The festival will draw on the new collaboration of the Canadian Italian Contemporary Film Festival and as always, the precious collaboration of the Experimental Center of Cinematography – Production, the National Center of Short Film, of the Italian Film Festival Association and the German, French and Belgian national film promotion agencies.

In the international section will compete for the final victory, the Spanish short film “Sincopat” by the award-winning director Pol Diggler already winner of the last edition of our Festival, “The voice” by Zuzanna Maja on the deformations of Artificial Intelligence: a robotic consultant of a call center who not only answers questions, but tries to get to know the users of the company better! It will be reflected on our society that is too distracted on social media with the short American film “Un gran pase” by Ernesto Santisteban and with “The weight of a Feather” by Argentine director Marianela Valdata that deals with the theme of sick love lightly. The section ends with the introspective film “Civic” by American director Dwayne LeBlanc and the French short films “Elsa” by Jean-Marc Guillier and “Inheritance” by Matthieu Haag, which investigate the relationship between adolescents and family intolerance.


From the Venice International Film Festival come the most representative short films of the section: Aldo Iuliano’s “Dive”, a story of and among teenagers, a “dip” in an uncertain future and “We should all be futurists” by Angela Norelli a film from early twentieth century atmospheres, on the story of the man-machine Marinetti talks about. It is particularly appreciated “Heart” by Pierpaolo De Mejo for the recitation of Giorgio Colangeli in great form. We’ll travel inside the emotions and silence of the night with “Summer Nights” by Riccardo Cinnamon.  And with the short film “Così fa il silenzio” by Sami Schinaia, fragments of the life of others are captured. Closing the section, “Blind” by Alessandro Panzeri and “HUB – on his own skin” by Francesco Barozzi that transmit emotional tension to the viewer and you smile with the “SeMe” of Lucia Bulgheroni and with “The last party” by Matteo Damiani.

The section of short films produced or shot in Campania, which expresses the moment of remarkable creative vivacity of Campania and Naples film production, is surprising and very rich this year too. “A kiss too much” by Vincenzo Lamagna, a story with a surprising plot: choices of life and identity are questioned. A good proof of direction is offered with “It is only the wind” by Enrico Iannaccone, who confirms himself as a talented author. “The sea that moves the things” by Lorenzo Marinelli is appreciated for the excellent acting of Nando Paone and Gea Martire. “No smoking” by Flavia Calabrese, a story where the roles are exchanged between patient and psychologist and “Sognando Venezia” by Elisabetta Giannini with father Francesco Di Leva and his daughter who plan to reach Venice during the Festival and instead do not reach the coveted goal. Intrigue the spectator “Z.O”. by Loris G. Nese and close the section “Il vicolo dei sogni” by Lorenzo Giroffi, “Sistemi isolati” by Simone Pascale and “Segni” by Gianluca Donnarumma.

A third of the program this year is dedicated to the animation Cinema that has seen the participation in the Competition of works of excellent quality both in the classic typology and in that of the stop-motion. There will be only a few short films for space reasons: “Tufo” by Victoria Musci: the true story of the solid courage of Ignazio Cutrò and his family, threatened by the mafia and isolated by their friends and community because they chose to make themselves heard, the short English film “Fischia il vento” by Alessandro Dordoni, about the true story of a group of partisans who must resist the surprise attack of 450 soldiers of the SS. Borrowing the title of an animated film present “Sweets“, are scattered everywhere and over the days we will watch many “animated short films – sweets!”.

For the documentaries this year, several films were chosen that touched on the most varied themes instead of focusing on a focus.

Finally to close the sections in the competition to environmental issues and climate change. A 360-degree look at the state of Planet Earth, also contemplating beauties that maybe one day will finally disappear.

In the official selection will not miss the look towards experimental cinema and the short films of up to three minutes. The graphics of the event was curated by a young talented illustrator, Davide Arpaia. There will be, as usual, workshops on short film format for some Neapolitan high schools.