Presentation 2022

accordi @ DISACCORDI
International Short Film Festival – 19th Edition

From 7 to 13 November 2022 will be held in Naples the nineteenth edition of accordi @ DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival directed by Pietro Pizzimento and Fabio Gargano; festival organized by the association Movies Event in collaboration with the Municipality of Naples and with the contribution of the Campania Region through the regional fund for cinema and audiovisual. One hundred and thirty short films, documentaries, animated and experimental films, representing twenty-three nations, many works, in absolute European and Italian premiere, among the more four thousand works received from one hundred and twenty-one countries, which will be joined by meetings with the authors and actors of the works presented, are the robust program of this edition. The sections of six usual competitions (international, national, Campania Region, documentaries, short animated films and environmental films) is joined this year, in addition to the section Cortissimi, the out of competition of experimental films from the United States, from Germany, from France, from Great Britain and from many nations of the five continents, section of cinematographic works that has so intrigued last year the audience of the festival consisting mainly of filmmakers and professionals in the film industry. The development of this nineteenth edition, free admission in presence, will take place in various locations in Naples: in addition to the PAN – Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, which will remain the main prestigious location is added the Court of Art of FOQUS – which will host the closing evening of the event on November 13, with the award ceremony conducted by Mariasilvia Malvone and with the screening of short films winners of all categories of the festival competition.

News also in the juries of the festival, in addition to the one of the audience that will award as usual his prize and the artistic one composed this year by the presidents, the film producers Alessandro Cannavale and Andrea Cannavale,  also the juries of the national associations partnerships of the event AMC – Associazione Montatori Cinematografici e Televisivi e AIC – Associazione Italiana degli Autori della Fotografia Cinematografica that will award a prize to the best editing and photography in competition in the sections national and of the Campania region. The two national trade associations have designated as jurors the editors: Annalisa Schillaci, Francesco Di Stefano and Michele Sblendorio and the authors of cinematographic photography: Daniele Nannuzzi, Simone Marra and Luca Cestari. The jury of honor composed by Guido Lombardi, Nero Nelson and Marcello Sannino will support the artistic in the award decisions. The festival will join, as always, the precious collaboration of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography – Production, the National Short Film Centre, the Italian Film Festival Association and the German national film promotion agencies, French and Belgian.

In the international section will compete for the final victory, the French short film Bonjour Minuit by Elisabeth Silveiro with a stellar Fanny Ardant, the American When the rain sets in by James Hughes with a spectacular editing of the nomination Oscar 2019, Patrick J Don Vito; the award-winning Spanish Work it Class! by Pol Diggler,  the Iranian The Recess by Navid Nikkhah Azad on the story of the “blue girl of Tehran”: women in Iran nowadays are forbidden to enter stadiums during men’s football matches. The section ends with the surprising English film “olfactory”  Aroma cue by Michael Frank, the Spanish film of a raw realism Frontera by Anatael Pérez Hernández and the German on Chile by Pinochet The things you don’t know about me, mum by Daniela Lucato and closes the section the Canadian Can I help you? by Nadeem Akhtar.

The national section is well represented by the film Venti Minuti by Daniele Esposito, awarded this year with the Globo d’Oro Award, by Massimo Ivan Falsetta’s The Last Stop, with Neri Marcorè in great dust, Edoardo Paganelli’s Ieri, with an excellent recitation by Alessandro Haber and Giuliana De Sio on the theme of Alzheimer’s, Sissy by Eitan Pitigliani, with Fortunato Cerlino and will be reflected on the quarantine period just passed with Chiusi Fuori by Giorgio Testi played by Stefano Accorsi, we will literary revisit Dorothy must not die of Andrea Simonetti and the sixties with Un’ora sola by Serena Corvaglia with Giuliano Montaldo. The last one turns off the light by Tommaso Santambrogio, presented last year at the Venice International Film Festival, closes the section.

The section of short films produced or shot in Campania, which expresses the moment of a remarkable creative vivacity of Campania and Naples film production, is surprising and very rich this year too. The pair of international actors Teresa Saponangelo and Andrea Renzi represent the spearhead of this edition of the festival with the national preview of The other by Maurizio Fiume, excellently recited by an intriguing Teresa Saponangelo and Bruno De Nittis P.M. by and with Andrea Renzi. The LGBT world is explored by the text of Enzo Moscato with Ragazze sole by Gaetano Acunzo, set a few minutes before the earthquake of Irpinia in 1980. Destined to be discussed will be Ambassadors with Marcello Fonte, and Francesco Romano, director of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia,  already winner of the past edition of accordi @ DISACCORDI With the film Tropicana. Lello Arena confirms its remarkable acting thickness with the new film Letter to spouses Lo Giglio by Nicola Prosatore; the heavy atmosphere of the gambling scenes will be tested with Happy Birthday Noemi by Angela Bevilacqua and will breathe,  instead, the enchanting atmosphere of the island of Procida, Italian capital of culture 2022, with Gigi Savoia in the film La challenge by Carlo Alessandro Argenzio. An excellent performance by Gianfranco Gallo in the film produced by Mino Capuano’s Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia La Vedova Più Bella del Paese; Redento by Biagio Celotto and Eduardo Castaldo’s La Gioia close the section.


Among the documentaries selected in competition, the national premiere of Ostav, Masha and Jurij – The war of children, crude scenes from the war front in Ukraine, directed by the journalist, war correspondent for the TG2 Rai Vincenzo Frenda , and the short documentary produced in Germany by Monica Manganelli, The Back Christs. Far From Justice. We will be enchanted by the atmosphere of mosques in Nahsh / Pattern 2022 by Hamideh Javadi.

Also very rich is the section of short animated films, both in competition and out of competition, received mainly thanks to the presence of our festival is accredited in the main international circuits of Animation and Experimental Cinema. The competition focused on British, Italian and Spanish animated films.

Finally to close the sections in the competition to environmental issues and climate change. A 360-degree look at the state of Planet Earth, also contemplating beauties that maybe one day will finally disappear.

In the official selection will not miss the look towards experimental cinema and the short films of up to three minutes. There will be, as usual, screenings and workshop about the short film format for some Neapolitan high schools.