JURY - 2023


Graduated in History of Cinema at DAMS in 1993 on childhood and adolescence in the cinema of Truffaut, he made three feature films (Cape North, Under the Same Moon and The Thief of Goldfinches), six documentaries (Hand-armed painting, Il Cinema Salato, Cardilli Addolorati, Radici, Magma and The Last Outlaw), and two short films Ciao Mamma, the result of the Mina workshop that Sky Cinema coordinated in the Vele of Scampia from which the project L’altra faccia di Gomorra was born  and Piano-Forte, the result of a laboratory in Piedmont with minors at risk

Both Films and his short films have participated in various international festivals (Turin, Montreal, Nice in New York and San Francisco, Brooklyn, Valencia, Locarno, Annecy, Cairo, Giffoni and Venice), collecting prizes and mentions. For all, the Silver Palm for “Capo Nord” at the Valencia Festival in 2004, the Golden Award at the Cairo Festival 2006 for “Sotto la stessa luna”, best documentary at Torino Cinema Ambiente 2005 for “Cardilli Addolorati” and Best short film at the Napoli Film Festival 2014 for “Ciao Mamma”.

He realized in 2015 “Magma”, on the farmers of the “paranze” of Somma Vesuviana and in 2019 “The last Outlaw” with Pino Mauro – king of the Sceneggiata, that like all his works have a strong impact on the territory that always tells with attention and respect for the traditions the uses and customs of a Mediterranean so rich in history and local stories, as well as the artistic, vital and universal breath.Carlo Luglio has made the new feature film “Il Ladro di cardellini” released in festivals and cinemas in 2020 21 during the pandemic period and starring an unreleased Nando Paone, flanked by a strong team composed of: Ernesto Mahieux, Pino Mauro, Viviana Cangiano, Lino Musella, Giovanni Ludeno, Tonino Taiuti, Gigi De Luca, Yulia Mayarciuck, Antonella Attili, Vincenzo Nemolato, Alan De Luca, Enzo Romano, Canio Loguercio, Moses Mone