JURYJury – 2021


Classical studies and in art history. Actor in theater since 1976, then independent filmmaker.

In 1979 he founded with Mario Martone, Pasquale Mari and Andrea Renzi the group Falso Movimento, which in the eighties established itself in Europe and the United States, leading the theater to encroach on the territories of cinema, music and visual arts. In 1987, together with the late Antonio Neiwiller, Toni Servillo and some comrades of Falso Movimento, he is among the founders of the cooperative Teatri Uniti, which still presides.

Since the nineties he has been working alongside theatrical production, contributing to the debut of some of the most significant Italian authors, including Mario Martone, Stefano Incerti, Paolo Sorrentino, Pippo Del Bono, Mimmo Paladino.